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mission & vision

Our missions is to support Bellevue College's Parent Education program and the family and early childhood learning opportunities it creates for our community.

We do this in two primary ways:

  • Providing guidance and feedback to the program and Bellevue College gathered from our parent-volunteer representatives.
  • Raising funds and offering scholarships to families enrolled in the parent and early childhood education programs.

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our Board

​Learn more about Bellevue College's Parent Education programs  here. 



Guiding Principles

We believe that parent education and early childhood education are vital to the health and well-being of our community. We also believe that these are two often-overlooked educational facets that must be prioritized and protected. 

As current or past students of the Parent Education Department, we know what a treasure programs like these are, and what a lifeline they can offer to young families. 

​Annika ZumBrunnen, Chair

Melicent Smith, Vice Chair

Hui Zhou, Treasurer

Erich Hilkert, Secretary

Makenzi Butler, Social Media Manager

Emilie Castle, Member at Large

​Corvie Thykkuttathil, Ad Hoc Member