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Thank you for helping us save Parent Education and Early Learning at Bellevue College

Parents Advisory Committee

Supporting the Bellevue College Parent Education Program since 1978

On May 20th, we learned that the Board of Trustees were planning to slash the operating budget for the Parent Education Program at Bellevue College. We asked you for your help in communicating with the Board of Trustees and you responded. 

THANK YOU for your support, letters, emails, phone calls, and social media posts. Before the June 16th budget vote, the Board of Trustees announced that there was a miscalculation in their proposed budget and the cuts would not be as dramatic. We can now confirm that the vote on June 16th set just a 3% cut to the overall budget as compared to pre-pandemic levels. 

Parent Education is vital to our community and the PAC is committed to continue to fight for it. We want to ensure that the program is here for many more years and continues to serve our community as it has for more than 55 years.